Where do we lauch hot air balloons in Prague

Our priority has always been to choose the perfect launch sites
for our Prague balloon rides and the city of Prague is a supreme destination
to begin your hot air ballooning adventure.
As Prague has very restricted airspace,
we have searched tirelessly to find two beautiful
launch sites; by the Vyšehrad church and at Praha-Holešovice.
Both are located no more than 3km from the town centre
and offer spectacular views of the Old City.
We patiently prepare each flight to ensure you receive an awesome
and unique experience, and with our expertise and years of know-how,
we can predict with almost certainty where we will land
and in what direction we will fly. We also prepare for any eventuality
and, if it is the case that the wind direction does not allow for a cross-
Prague balloon flight, we can offer another very special launch site
just next to the historic Karlštejn Castle.
This site is situated on the outskirts
of Prague and is only a 40 minute drive from the city centre.
We will pick you up
at a time of your choosing and take you back to your hotel
after the flight. Karlštejn Castle offers magnificent views
of the stoic gothic castle as well as the beautiful surrounding countryside.
Taking off from here also has the added advantage of being in uncontrolled
airspace, meaning we can freely climb or descend at your pleasure,
allowing you to see Karlštejn Castle like you never have before.
We can also arrange for balloon flights almost anywhere else
in the Czech Republic.

Balloon burner underneath sunset from basket


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