Flying Hot Air Balloons in Prague

Aeropartner are a team of professional airline pilots with
extensive experience and a passion for flying,
not only in a professional capacity but whenever we can.
We have combined our love for flying and our dedication
to creating a completely unique experience, to offer you
a chance at an unforgettable balloon flight over Prague and to
see the world in a way you didn’t think possible.
Our aim is to provide the best service we can and maintain
that safety is of the upmost importance.
We never fly in bad or potentially turbulent weather
and will always put the comfort and safety of our clients first.
We fully respect all aviation regulations
and restrictions and use fully safety tested equipment
and instruments. Each balloon flight will be specially catered
to you and we can promise that your experience
will be unique and memorable. Choose Aeropartner,
and you will be seeing the
Czech Republic and its beautiful landscape by those
who know it the best and love it the most in
a way that will capture your imagination.
We look forward to your arrival!

Aeropartner a.s. - Prague - phone: +420 606 076 561 - email:

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