FAQ about Hot Air Balloon Rides in Prague

Shadow of a balloon in the field Sunbeams

What about the price?
Flight for 2 passengers cost 530Euro, 650 for 3 and 730Euro for 4 pax which is maximum capacity of our Balloon.
What about payment?
We do not take any payment in advance. Payment is made after the flight. Booking and cancellation is also free of charge.
There is NO additional hidden or optional cost involved.
What types of flights we offer?
Maximum take off weight of our hot air balloon is limited to four passenger plus pilot and tickets can be sold to group or separately.
When we fly?
We are not limited by the season of the year but only by favourable weather. The flight is planned according to actual weather conditions with highest respect for safety. Take offs are performed shortly after sunrise and approximately one hour before sunset with the exception of winter, when the weather is not affected by convection so we can fly whole day.
What to take on board?
Outside air temperature during hot air balloon flight will not vary significantly from temperature on the ground, so no extra winter clothes is needed. For all passenger we always recommend to take appropriate sportswear. Do not forget to bring your cameras!
How long does it take?
Usually a flight takes about 1 hour, but the entire event takes around 3 hours.
Preparing for flight?
You will be informed about weather conditions by our pilot before the flight and also all information regarding time and take off place will be handed over. After landing, our crew will take you back to the starting point or different location if you like.
What if flight will be cancelled?
You can reschedule your new flight directly with pilot by phone or additionally calling or sending an email and also full refund is possible.
Children and pregnant women?
We recommend minimum height of 110 cm for your child for good view from the balloon basket. We do not recommend to fly in later stages of pregnancy.
Pilots comply with all national and European requirements for flights with other persons on board.
Concerning legal requirements the flights with other persons on board (incorrectly but more intelligibly called sightseeing) are carried in compliance with the European Regulation No. 965/2012 article 6 Deviations operations with non-complex aeroplanes letter a): cost-shared flights by private individuals, on the condition that the direct cost is shared by all the occupants of the aircraft, pilot included and the number of persons sharing the direct costs is limited to six.


Aeropartner a.s. - Prague - phone: +420 606 076 561 - email: balloon@aeropartner.cz

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